Junior Woman's Club

of Newport News

Standing Rules

Revised May 2014



1.         Junior club members have the privilege of attending the regular meetings of the Woman's Club of Newport News, but will have no vote. Junior-Senior joint meetings shall be considered as regular club meetings.

2.         Arrangements for use of the Woman's Club building for club activities must be made by contacting the Home Life Department Chairman who will contact the Reservations Chairman of the Woman's Club. All other requests must be made in writing directly to the Board of Governors of the Woman's Club of Newport News.

3.         It shall be a privilege and duty of both the outgoing and incoming Presidents to attend the GFWC Virginia Convention as delegates. The First Vice President should attend as an alternate, if possible. The club shall endeavor to defray their expenses as much as the budget will allow.

4.         The club will endeavor to help with the expenses pertaining to the duties of any member who is a GFWC, GFWC Virginia or Tidewater District officer or chairman.

5.         At the Spring Luncheon in odd numbered years, gifts shall be presented to the Installing Officer, the Junior Advisor, the outgoing President and any other guests to whom a presentation might be appropriate. The First Vice President will purchase these gifts from budget funds.

6.         The President's Pin, worn by the President during her term of office, shall be passed on to her successor by that President. The First Vice President shall purchase a Past President's Pin which will be presented to the outgoing President by the First Vice President when they exchange pins at Spring Luncheon.

7.         When a motion for a project is approved, it shall be the responsibility of each club member to contribute her share toward the success of the project.

8.         Junior's Choice Award recipient will be selected by the club membership voting by ballot at the May club meeting. The recipient should be a member who represents the club well; who is friendly, helpful and easy to work with. The award shall be a pin presented at Spring Luncheon and is passed on the following year to the next recipient.

9.         The Board shall hold regular and special meetings as provided by the Bylaws. A member who is absent from three (3) consecutive meetings of the Board shall be considered as having resigned unless excused by the Executive Board.

10.       If weather conditions dictate the closing of the schools in the Newport News area, any club meeting scheduled on that date shall be cancelled.

11.       There shall be a Communications Chairman who is responsible for The Anchor , contact distribution lists, scrapbook, yearbook, and all other club communications. She shall assign these responsibilities to club members or in the absence of a chairman, the President may accept volunteers for the positions.

12.       All officers shall receive training on maintaining the clubs 501(c)(3) status.

13.       After consideration by the Executive Board, these Standing Rules may be amended at a regular business meeting by a majority vote of members present and voting.